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Oriental Longhair Breed Numbers and Colours - EMS

An EMS breed code starts with a three letter upper case code denoting the basic breed (OLH for Oriental Long hairs and Variants). This is followed by one or more lower case letters describing the colour (the same regardless of the breed) and then a number of pairs of digits (in ascending numerical order) describing pattern and eye-colour, and finally a lower case 'v' for Variants. All components are separated by a space. The relevant codes are:

Tabby Pattern Eye Colour
23MackerelColour distribution

The code for unspecified tabby is used only for Pointed cats; full coloured cats use the appropriate tabby pattern

A full list of OLH breed codes is given below:

Blue-eyed WhiteOLH w 61
Odd-eyed WhiteOLH w 63
Green-eyed WhiteOLH w 64
Black/Brown/SealOLH nOLH nsOLH n 11OLH ns 11OLH n 22/23/24/25OLH ns 22/23/24/25
BlueOLH aOLH asOLH a 11OLH as 11OLH a 22/23/24/25OLH as 22/23/24/25
ChocolateOLH bOLH bsOLH b 11OLH bs 11OLH b 22/23/24/25OLH bs 22/23/24/25
LilacOLH cOLH csOLH c 11OLH cs 11OLH c 22/23/24/25OLH cs 22/23/24/25
RedOLH dOLH dsOLH d 11OLH ds 11OLH d 22/23/24/25OLH ds 22/23/24/25
CreamOLH eOLH esOLH e 11OLH es 11OLH e 22/23/24/25OLH es 22/23/24/25
ApricotOLH emOLH emsOLH em 11OLH ems 11OLH em 22/23/24/25OLH ems 22/23/24/25
CinnamonOLH oOLH osOLH o 11OLH os 11OLH o 22/23/24/25OLH os 22/23/24/25
FawnOLH pOLH psOLH p 11OLH ps 11OLH p 22/23/24/25OLH ps 22/23/24/25
CaramelOLH mOLH msOLH m 11OLH ms 11OLH m 22/23/24/25OLH ms 22/23/24/25
Black/Seal TortieOLH fOLH fsOLH f 11OLH fs 11OLH f 22/23/24/25OLH fs 22/23/24/25
Blue TortieOLH gOLH gsOLH g 11OLH gs 11OLH g 22/23/24/25OLH gs 22/23/24/25
Chocolate TortieOLH hOLH hsOLH h 11OLH hs 11OLH h 22/23/24/25OLH hs 22/23/24/25
Lilac TortieOLH jOLH jsOLH j 11OLH js 11OLH j 22/23/24/25OLH js 22/23/24/25
Cinnamon TortieOLH qOLH qsOLH q 11OLH qs 11OLH q 22/23/24/25OLH qs 22/23/24/25
Fawn TortieOLH rOLH rsOLH r 11OLH rs 11OLH r 22/23/24/25OLH rs 22/23/24/25
Caramel TortieOLH kOLH ksOLH k 11OLH ks 11OLH k 22/23/24/25OLH ks 22/23/24/25

SmokeTabbySilver Tabby
Seal PointOLH n 33OLH ns 33OLH n 21 33OLH ns 21 33
Blue PointOLH a 33OLH as 33OLH a 21 33OLH as 21 33
Chocolate PointOLH b 33OLH bs 33OLH b 21 33OLH bs 21 33
Lilac PointOLH c 33OLH cs 33OLH c 21 33OLH cs 21 33
Red PointOLH d 33OLH ds 33OLH d 21 33OLH ds 21 33
Cream PointOLH e 33OLH es 33OLH e 21 33OLH es 21 33
Apricot PointOLH em 33OLH ems 33OLH em 21 33OLH ems 21 33
Cinnamon PointOLH o 33OLH os 33OLH o 21 33OLH os 21 33
Fawn PointOLH p 33OLH ps 33OLH p 21 33OLH ps 21 33
Caramel PointOLH m 33OLH ms 33OLH m 21 33OLH ms 21 33
Seal Tortie PointOLH f 33OLH fs 33OLH f 21 33OLH fs 21 33
Blue Tortie PointOLH g 33OLH gs 33OLH g 21 33OLH gs 21 33
Chocolate Tortie PointOLH h 33OLH hs 33OLH h 21 33OLH hs 21 33
Lilac Tortie PointOLH j 33OLH js 33OLH j 21 33OLH js 21 33
Cinnamon Tortie PointOLH q 33OLH qs 33OLH q 21 33OLH qs 21 33
Fawn Tortie PointOLH r 33OLH rs 33OLH r 21 33OLH rs 21 33
Caramel Tortie PointOLH k 33OLH ks 33OLH k 21 33OLH ks 21 33

Variants have the appropriate breed code for their pattern and colour, followed by the letter v.
e.g. A Chocolate Tortie Silver Shaded Oriental Longhair Variant is OLH hs 11 v.

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